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The English Department in the College has always been a pride in the College and a centre of attraction. Its reputation in the lower Assam region is attributable to contributions made by successive generations of teachers in terms of academic commitment and a will to utilize best values of literary studies. The department started humbly with the intermediate programme when the College started in 1964. Undergraduate programme started in 1966 and the department took off in a right direction ever since. Though only general English (compulsory) and Alternative English (for those not choosing an MIL) were offered in the undergraduate course, these subjects evoked much interest among students in the institution. Growing interest in the student community prompted opening up of the major course in English in 1978. The sense of commitment and intellectual influence of Dr B.N.Lahiri, the then Head of the Department, went a long way in shaping the department into a site of interest and popularity of the department.

Post graduate programme in English was opened in 1991 to address convenience of pass-outs of English Major from the institution and neighbouring colleges. Over the years the concerted effort of the faculty members has made the programme a success. Several students passing out in MA got UGC norms, including two rank-holders. It is worthwhile to note that the post graduate programme attracts students from neighbouring West Bengal too....

Though the department has its own share of gray patches, mostly because of paucity teachers, the teachers are making an extra effort with a sense of commitment to sustain the reputation of the department. The primarily purpose the departmental teachers have set their goal to is to make the institution an important centre of English studies.

1. Faculty profile - adequacy and competency of faculty:
Name of the teacher Designation Qualification Research Experience Teaching Experience
Dr B. Beuria HOD, Associate Professor M.A.,MPhil, PhD 15 years 36 years
Mr U.K. Deb Asst. Professor M.A.,NET 23 Years
Ms Padumi Singha Asst Professor MA, MPhil.   8 Years
Mr Subhajit Bhadra Asst. Professor MA, MPhil, NET   5 Years
Mr. Ripunjoy Bezbaruah Asst. Professor MA, MPhil, NET   5 Years
Mr. Jwmwy Basumatary Asst. Professor MA,   4 Years
The Department has five permanent staff, one Guest Professor for MA classes and two non-sanctioned lecturers. The diligent faculty attempt to deliver the agenda of Education as envisaged by the institution and the curriculum. The thrust is towards balancing students’ linguistic skills with imbibe of literary values.
All the students are capable of reading, writing and comprehending English. About 30% of the students are able to speak or converse in English.
1. First generation learners of English form a sizable chunk. The Department contends with a section being challenged by the basic ability to communicate, with little exposure to English and a heterogeneous social profile..
2.Students passing BA with Major in English are eligible for pursuing MA in English.
3.Admission Policy: The intake of students in the Undergraduate Arts (General course) and Commerce in terms of number and quality is decided by the College administration as per its admission Policy. In the Undergraduate Arts Major Course, an entrance test decides the intake of students in the first year. Students’ basic linguistic and thought-organizational skills or competency are taken into account in the entrance test..

The College is affiliated to Gauhati University. It follows the course designed by the University for undergraduate and post-graduate Programmes. In 2009, GU changed syllabus in the undergraduate English both in Major and general courses. In the same year, MA Semester syllabus was changed. One member of the department is a member of the Syllabus Committee both in the undergraduate and postgraduate level.